Marketing Strategy & Planning

For businesses looking for a roadmap to achieve their goals

Marketing strategy is about how you’ll get to where you want to be.

I can help you with customer-focused strategic thinking and the creation of a road map that will help you drive revenue growth and stay ahead of the competition.


When you want help to:

  • Grow your business by finding, winning and keeping customers.

  • Launch new products or services.

  • Expand into new markets or sectors.

  • Segment your customer base to select who best to target.

  • Improve customer experience, engagement and loyalty.

  • Position your business to compete effectively.

  • Develop or refine your brand.

Marketing Strategy and Planning Services

Whatever your business’s sector, location, size, age or stage of development, you need a strategy to market your products or services effectively in order to exploit your growth potential.

Yet, every organisation is different.  While I follow a tried and tested strategy development process, using proven frameworks, the resulting strategy is unique for each business.

Marketing strategy is about where you want to be and how you’ll get there.  It involves high level decisions that focus and drive your efforts to achieve sustained profitable growth by finding, winning and keeping customers.

I will work with you to formulate a focused, structured strategic marketing plan that is commercial and immediately actionable.  I can help you shape your vision, set clear objectives, consider your options and make choices, calculate resources needed, and set milestones and measures of success.

Your strategic marketing plan is likely to include:

  • Clear objectives to be achieved.
  • Strategies to achieve them.
  • Positioning, branding and core messages to be communicated.
  • Trends to be exploited.
  • Products and services, pricing and distribution.
  • Key market segments and customer groups to be targeted.
  • Competitors that are operating in the same space.
  • Collaborators to be partnered with.
  • A calendar of relevant, prioritised, integrated promotional activities.
  • Resourcing needs and budget.
  • Milestones and metrics.

Innovation is a crucial source of competitive advantage.  Offering customers the products and services they want to buy is obviously essential for customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention and referral.

Using a structured product and service development process, I can help you develop new products and services and enhance existing ones.  From concept generation and evaluation to implementation planning and launch, I can assist you from start to finish in the innovation process.


I can manage all aspects of your marketing and communication campaigns, including planning, execution and measurement.

Working with creative partners, I can develop and implement your campaign across all channels, from traditional to digital media, Being media neutral, I’ll recommend the best approach to meet your objectives and budget.  That could include: content creation, website, e-marketing, gamification, social media, mobile, literature, direct mail, advertising, sponsorship, events or internal communications, and other channels that might be relevant to achieve results.


Your organisation’s brand is a potentially powerful resource that lies at the heart of everything you do.  A strong brand will help you:

  • Improve your commercial performance and market value.
  • Stand out and gain a competitive edge.
  • Short-cut customers’ decision-making, attract new customers and encourage loyalty and advocacy.
  • Make it easier to recruit and retain staff, improve their sense of purpose and belonging, and drive their attitudes and behaviours.

I use a simple, logical but rigorous modular process that will help you identify that resource and fulfil its potential.  Building a strong brand takes both strategic and creative mindsets, so on brand strategy projects I work alongside a creative agency.  We will leverage analytical thinking, commercial sense and imagination to help you define, articulate, create, project and deliver a strong brand.

  • “David was recommended to me by a well-regarded design agency.  If they were happy to share a platform with him, I knew he would be good, and he was.  His low-key style but disciplined approach produced results that exceeded our expectations and made us use him on additional projects.  David is an intelligent marketing professional, who approaches projects and issues with an open mind and a great sense of empathy: he gets it, quickly.  His experience working in-house as well as being a consultant brings practical benefits.  Notably, he is a good communicator, which speeds up turning these into actions.  He is a man I would work with again and highly recommend.”

    Jamie Fraser
    Managing Director (retailing)

  • “David is a great partner to work with if you want to develop your marketing strategy and capability. He talks sense, is highly commercial is pragmatic in his approach. I have learnt a lot from him and he left me with greater capability and confidence as a result of our engagement. In addition to using David’s services, I have recommended him to several clients who all gave positive feedback and I have also collaborated with him on client projects. He is expert and also fun to work with.”

    Fiona Gifford
    Director and Coach (high performance leadership)

  • “We selected David to provide marketing support based on my past experience of working with him. We needed focus and a simple but effective methodology we could use when working outside our comfort zone. David provided just that – he very ably guides you through the marketing maze resulting in a clear, practical marketing plan which keeps you on track while remaining flexible. There is a strong knowledge transfer aspect to his service, which means you get maximum benefit from David’s experience and feel true ownership of your company’s marketing plan – a critical factor in successful implementation.”

    Marion Peat
    Director (management consulting)

  • “Working with David was a pleasure. A strategic thinker who quickly gains an understanding of the issues and has a real commercial focus. David is extremely professional and always delivers, going the extra mile to get the job done to a high standard. A team player who is great fun to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

    Marian Glen
    Independent Non Executive Director