Research & Insight

For businesses looking to understand their markets better

Focused marketing requires a thorough understanding of your business, customers and competitive environment.

You need evidence, rigorous analysis and clear insight to guide and inspire your strategic decision-making.

I can help generate actionable insights for you using a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including face-to-face and telephone interviews, online surveys and focus groups; as well as desk research.



When you want help to:

  • Assess new and existing markets and evaluate their size and potential.

  • Detect market trends for you to exploit.

  • Determine customer satisfaction, perceptions, reactions and behaviours.

  • Reveal what customers think of your planned new business, products or services.

  • Benchmark your organisation against your competitors.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing.

Research & Insight Services

  • “The audience research and business development work carried out by David for our organisation was instrumental in creating a platform for developing new business through well researched stakeholder analysis, identification of our strengths and building confidence in our ability to rise to the challenges ahead.  We have since won contracts, secured 5 year funding for innovative work and are engaged in ground breaking work in a rural area.  David was a pleasure to work with.”

    Isobel Lawson
    Chief Executive Officer (not for profit)

  • “We worked with David to devise and implement our client review programme over the past two years. The programme was very successful and well received at all levels. It provided and continues to provide important and relevant insights into our clients’ expectations and the programme has now become part of how we do business. We had comments like ‘brilliant’ and ‘tremendous’ from hard to impress partners.”

    Ann Goodger
    Business Development Director (property consulting)

  • “Right from the off David was extremely well briefed and engaged with the specification and project needs. He came to the inception meeting with highly perceptive questions and well-thought out ideas which improved the precision and refined the scope of the research. His experience in conducting this type of research clearly shone through and was greatly beneficial. He brought an extremely thorough approach that was enthusiastic but also measured and reflective. The presentation of the findings was a perfect blend of insightful, clear and concise analysis. It has proved very useful to our ongoing work and development.”

    Project Leader (sustainable transport)