How can non-marketers get to grips with marketing?

“We’re all marketers now”

Marketing is (or should be) at the heart of an organisation’s revenue generating activities. It influences and is influenced by every aspect of the business. In high performing organisations marketing is no longer the domain of just the marketing team. It’s the responsibility of everyone in the business. So, an understanding of marketing is an essential skill for anyone leading, or aspiring to lead, other areas of the organisation. To quote management consultants McKinsey: “We’re all marketers now.”*

When non-marketing professionals have a good grasp of the basics of marketing, they collaborate more effectively with the marketing team and the chances of the organisation’s marketing being successful in driving superior business performance are significantly increased.

And when they don’t, misunderstandings and misperceptions can result not only in poor working relationships, but also in lost opportunities to engage customers and win new business.

New training courses

That’s why this new series of one-day marketing masterclasses for senior executives in finance, human resources, technology and sales, as well as board members has been developed.

By participating in the courses, delegates will gain an understanding of the essentials and value of marketing as well as an enhanced ability to think strategically and creatively about marketing. They’ll be able to input positively to their organisation’s marketing, increase their confidence in dealing with marketing issues, and improve collaboration with their marketing team. All of which will enable them to create a customer-oriented culture in their organisation.

Do you want to get to grips with marketing to help drive your organisation’s performance and boost your career? Download the course brochure to find out more.

Marketing Masterclasses for Non-Marketers

Marketing for Board Members
Book for Glasgow, 14 November

Marketing for Finance Professionals
Book for Edinburgh, 19 September

Marketing for HR Professionals
Book for Glasgow, 3 September

Marketing for Technology Professionals
Book for Edinburgh, 29 October

Marketing for Sales Professionals
Book for Glasgow, 3 October

* We’re all marketers now, McKinsey