Pricing for value

Value-based pricing

Looking forward to presenting on Pricing for Value at the Polish Business Link event in Edinburgh in October. The short talk will cover: – How to put customers at the centre of pricing strategy; – Different pricing options available; – How to price products and services to capture their perceived value to customers; – The pros and cons of value-based … Read More


After a year away, I’m very pleased to have re-joined the board of Includem, a leading-edge, Glasgow-based organisation that works with the most vulnerable, troubled and challenging young people and their families throughout the country. Voted one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals by NESTA and The Observer, Includem offers a range of services that are rooted in evidence-based practice and shaped … Read More

Aged 50 to 85?

Do 50 year-olds have the same needs, wants, preferences, attitudes, and behaviours as 85 year-olds? Some might, but most don’t. So why do some businesses group everyone over 50 into one segment and market to them as if they are one homogenous mass? Would they adopt a similar approach to marketing to 15 year olds as to 50 year olds? … Read More

Teaching Retail Marketing at Heriot Watt University

Since my first jobs as a student in a William Low supermarket and Glasgow Airport’s Duty Free Shop, I’ve been involved in, and fascinated by, the diverse, every-changing retailing sector for my whole career. I’m therefore delighted to have been appointed to teach the Retail Marketing class to undergraduates in their final year at Heriot Watt University this autumn as … Read More

Walk more to boost your marketing thinking

Walking to boost creative marketing thinking

Gavin Brown, a director of the communications skills specialists Speak with Impact, a Wallace Marketing client, shares some useful advice on creative marketing thinking and problem solving. “Do you want to Speak With Impact, get more creative or solve thorny problems? Then learn a lesson from the great poet Robert Burns. As a junior lawyer I remember being faced with … Read More

German market opportunities for Scottish business

German Parliament

Working on a Scottish-German marketing initiative over the last few months with David Scrimgeour MBE, a Scots lawyer now working as a strategy and business adviser in Germany for more than 25 years, has reminded me of the still untapped opportunities that the largest economy in Europe could present to many Scottish companies. David is the founder of the British-German … Read More

Marketing training for insolvency practitioners

Insolvency Support Services, an award-winning provider of a uniquely complete range of support services to the UK insolvency market, has launched its new 2015/16 training programme including two Wallace Marketing courses for insolvency practitioners (see pages 24 and 25). Eileen Maclean, director of Insolvency Support Services and one of the UK’s foremost insolvency practitioners and trainers, said: “David’s expertise lies in … Read More